Marek Siwiec MEP on Poland & Europe

As I previously announced, the resolution on Ukraine is now ready. We achieved a compromise that refers to the current situation in that country.

The resolution calls for the same things as usually – support for Yulia Tymoshenko, reforms, democracy, human rights. There is no expression “political prisoners” but it speaks about “prisoners sentenced on politically motivated grounds”. The authors also express the expectation that the cassation process of Ms Tymoshenko’s case will be impartial and transparent and it will be “in line fair just legal standards and practises common in Europe”.

In another paragraph of the document you can read about the treatment of prisoners, especially about the request for appropriate medical care. There is the curious paragraph 16, which refers to the very embarrassing problem “detainees in prison – European Football Championship 2012”. The authors of the resolution seek King Solomon’s wisdom because they suggest that those European politicians who want to attend the Euro 2012 in Ukraine do it in a private capacity but at the same time seek the opportunity to visit political prisoners and publicly express their opinion on the situation. Of course, the mentioned paragraph requires cheering together with the crowd and not as VIP… Personally, I feel the lack of a statement in which row it is allowed to sit and whether it is appropriate to shake hands with the encountered hosts.

Well, even King Solomon himself would not resolve better this difficult problem…

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