Marek Siwiec MEP on Poland & Europe

Today starts the celebration which, regardless of the results, will bring us a lot of joy. There was never such an event (which goes far beyond the epithet ‘sport’) in Poland before, even though we tried more than once. Let me remind that Zakopane was to host the Olympics and Wroclaw – Expo 2012. But I will not continue reading the list of national impotence.

The football championship went to Poland thanks to the Ukrainians and it is not possible to attribute the merits to any of the political teams, because everything was ‘arranged’ by football activists in agreement with oligarchs – very unpopular at the Vistula. Poland was additionally asked to join the organisation to strengthen the offer. And it all worked out.

Ukrainians, despite a few tablespoons of tar, have their half of the cake and are very proud of the championship. They have built three airports (from nothing) and two completely new stadiums, and Kiev has a new bridge across the Dnieper. All this without European money.

So, while Poles are full of pride looking at their facilities, it would be nice to think warmly of Ukrainians.

PS We could also think about honouring the most distinguished activists of Ukrainian football with a Polish award.

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  1. Poland and Ukraine can both be proud to be the hosts of such an event. However, I must also give some extra credit to Ukraine, they have made great efforts to make everything fit for such an event and they are not the richest country…

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