Marek Siwiec MEP on Poland & Europe

I believe there is a high probability that by the end of this year the matter of US visas for Poles will be resolved.

A few days ago US Deputy Secretary of State Thomas Nides said that the White House and Department of State are working together so that the Congress adopt the necessary legislation in this matter. Moreover, he said that there is very little opposition from both Democrats and Republicans, which in his opinion is extremely rare. He said all that without any nudges from the Polish side.

But this is where the good news end, because the three EU member countries (Bulgaria, Romania and Cyprus) still remain outside Obama administration’s interest. And one more tablespoon of tar to the expected visa honeys: Americans seek to impose a fee of $14 on all who come to their country without visa. $10 US will spend on promoting tourism and the remaining $4 they want to allocate for maintaining the ESTA, the Electronic System of Travel Authorisation.

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  1. This is a very good thing, I do not think the US has got anything to ‘fear’ if they allow Polish to travel without a Visa. At the same time, I can see their concerns about Romania and Bulgaria, some European countries unfortunately has had unpleasant experiences after opening their borders to them…

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