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The Constitutional Court is to consider a complaint by Lech Gardocki, former president of the Supreme Court, who did not like the law on the family allotment gardens. Well, the rule of law complies or does not comply with a sense of justice. Let the courts do their duty, but on this occasion once more “friendly journalists” try to turn the rest of the society against the gardeners and their families, attached to their allotments.

Here comes an example. In yesterday’s ‘Gazeta Wyborcza’ Agata Nowakowska proposes to return the land management to local authorities, so that the local authorities can create more parks, municipal premises, cheaper public nurseries and kindergartens. In her opinion it is suitable to take the land worth billions that can be used for the good of everyone, not just gardeners and their families.

If I did not know the author, I would consider that it is early Lenin or late Hugo Chavez. The author calls for the nationalization (communalization), which means taking away the parcels of allotment gardens from their current owners. Let’s try to clarify what I mean. In Poland we have 966 000 allotment gardens that are used by at least 2 million people, half of whom are pensioners. I understand that the author considered that if there is no more Polish People Republic, and you can easily buy tomatoes and strawberries on the marketplace, these people can be just deprived of (sometimes) the only pleasure they have in life.

What I would like to recall to passionate author is the fact that the first allotments were created in Poland in 1897, long time before Polish People Republic. Not only in Poland by the way. We can find the green enclaves in many European cities. It does not bother anyone, and the city can grow. Welcome to Strasbourg, where in the immediate environment of the European Parliament you can see classical allotment gardens with pigeon cages in addition (and everybody knows what pigeons can do during the flight …)

PS Neither I, nor anyone in my family is a gardener. Therefore it would be hard to accuse me of lobbying activities…

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