Marek Siwiec MEP on Poland & Europe

Sparks fly between the EU Member States and the European Parliament. A few weeks ago a lightning struck the project of modification of Schengen treaty. It happened when the Member States decided to protect their right to close the borders without consent of the EU institutions, including the Parliament. In response, the EP has suspended all negotiations with the Council in the field of home affairs. And yesterday we witnessed a continuation of this trend.

I remember when Poland ended its Presidency in the EU, they proudly reported that we were able to negotiate the EU patent. These announcements were slightly exaggerated. The Council without any consultation has changes the agreement previously reached with MEPs. The first thing was pretty small. The seat of the new Unified Patent Court was supposed to be in Munich but it turned out that it would have three locations (plus Paris and London). The second thing is huge – Member States want to remove the patent body from supervision of the European Court of Justice, or to create a breach in the coherence of the European Union law.

In this situation we had to stop works at the EP, feeling that once again Member States are trying to outplay us. Intuition tells me that it does not end here. Even the smiling face of the Danish Prime Minister who today reports from the Presidency does not convince anyone. To the solidarity actions of the Council there will be a strong multiparty response of the European Parliament.

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