Marek Siwiec MEP on Poland & Europe

The funeral of ACTA is coming very soon. Yesterday for several hours we had a fierce plenary debate at the European Parliament. What struck me most was the bereavement of the project. Nobody said a good word about it. The followers of the agreement put on two masks – some lamented the massive counterfeiting of goods (we lose 30 000 jobs per year), others despaired over how poorly copyrights are protected.

Before we strike a final blow to ACTA today at noon, it must be reminded that the story of the agreement is first of all a record of arrogance and impudence of governments that were stubborn until the end, like e.g. Donald Tusk. It is also a story of a birth of rebellion which poured out from the Internet onto the streets. And finally, though right-wing governments do not want to admit it, the story of ACTA is a demonstration of fear, which looked into their eyes.

So we should be happy that among Polish Socialist MEPs we diagnosed the problem on time and eventually we won. However, none of the issues addressed by the ACTA has been resolved. And certainly, sooner or later they will come back.

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