Marek Siwiec MEP on Poland & Europe

The U.S. ambassador in Warsaw, Lee Feinstein, ends his mission in Poland. And this is not because his term will be shortened. In fact a three year term of office is a norm in professional diplomacy in the United States. It is good that he will not stay for longer because during his term Americans made the most serious blunders in relations with my country. Of course, the Embassy is not responsible for the policies of the White House and State Department, but it has all the instruments to warn Washington against any awkwardness.

The U.S.-Polish relations are entering a new, difficult period. The substance developed during the previous years (common combat operations, NATO enlargement and the extension of democracy) is no longer a priority of American policy. In general, Europe falls to second place. In such a situation what will count the most are the gestures, especially the avoidance of unnecessary gestures. I hope that Stephen D. Mull, the successor to the failed Ambassador, will handle his tasks because he knows our country and is already known in Poland.

It is noteworthy that after one political nomination (George W. Bush appointed his buddy Victor Ashe) we are back to the basket of diplomatic, professional appointments. Surely this is not a sign of our country’s increasing position in the eyes of our partner because the political nominations include key countries for American diplomacy.

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