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What Mitt will say?

American politicians are trying to guess or predict, according to American doctrines, who may be Mitt Romney as president of the United States. It is not an easy task because the Republican candidate started his contacts with the world by hosting in his family house, in his youth, an Italian student. Then he visited Europe – mostly religious institutions in France. But the biggest breath of fresh air from the world was the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, where he was head of the organizing committee. Overall, however, very little.

It is even more difficult to situate him according to the doctrine because American conservatives four years ago, departed in disgrace. He can not really rely on their predecessors, except that it would be Ronald Reagan … But times have changed and Eastern Europe is liberated, and America has no chance to take global leadership.

Romney’s trip makes us look at Obama’s foreign policy. And we can hear some surprising words. Serious analysts see logic in the chaotic movements of the American President. It is said explicitly that in the early twenty-first century world we find less avowed enemies of the U.S., but also the friendships and alliances are not so permanent. Obama’s hand did not tremble when bin Laden had to be killed, and unmanned aircraft shoot to the Taliban with impunity, from time to time hitting civilians. So the Democratic president behaves sometimes like a real Republican. On the other hand he didn’t join the European war in Libya. He proposed a reset in the relations with Russia, but it’s only outcome was the decision of not placing missile defense components in Poland. The same with China, North Korea or Pakistan …

Examples could be multiplied, but behind these actions, there is no doctrine. But as long as America is benefiting, it is possible to live with this policy.

So Mitt Romney will have a difficult task, because there is still no new and attractive ideology, and foreign policy, as usual, has no power to attract the voters. Nevertheless we will listen carefully, what he will say in Europe and in the Middle East…

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  1. I am not yet sure what will happen in the US, but I am still going with Obama. Republican presidents have caused so much disappointments over the years and there are a lot of things about their policies (environment issues) that I find revolting sometimes…

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