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If the result of the election in America was decided only by money, Obama would have already won. He has raised more than $650 million and spent almost $500 million. His main opponent Mitt Romney has collected $339 million and spent $255 million. Money translates primarily to the presence in the media. Obviously the incumbent president combines the purchased time with the current activity, so he is much more visible than Romney.

What is interesting is the geographical structure of payments. The big states (the east and west of the United States) pay the most. North Dakota has collected $173 thousand for Obama, while Florida – $23 thousand. California leads the rate – the state gave Obama $95 million. For comparison, in the same states Romney has raised $152 thousand, $24 thousand, and in California – 26 million.

The two candidates differ as far as the structure of the payments is concerned. Thanks to the small incomes (up to $200) Obama has raised nearly 300 million, while Romney – a little over 50 million. The Republican candidate is supported by donors offering more than a million. We can expect that after he receives the party’s nomination, the most interesting part of the campaign will begin, where not only the candidates but also their programs will be confronted. Then America will have to decide.

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  1. Irrespective of who is going to win, I believe the key to reforming US politics is campaign finance reform. Obama care is NOT unpopular, but many American insurers allegedly campaign against it (because compulsory insurance has low to non-existent margins).
    Big business donates to both sides, but Wall Street firms give more to the Republicans. And I’m not even talking about foreign companies who donate.
    I would favor a system where only natural persons (you and me) and not legal persons (foundations, associations, corporations, etc) can donate to political parties or candidates and upto a certain ceiling.
    We have an election in the Netherlands now which is apparently influenced by foreign interests. It is reported that right wing American jewish businessmen have given big donations to right wing politician Wilders. I do not believe our national agenda should be influenced by them or any other people who do not have the right to vote in our national elections.

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