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Friedman on Poland

George Friedman is a recognised author and political analyst. His website Stratfor regularly presents analysis on ‘interesting places in the world’.

Yesterday Friedman took up the matter of Poland. He addresses his article to a reader who has the right not to know the details of this county’s history. So you can find there a brief description of events from the partitions in the second half of the 18th century to the causes of the World War II. His conclusions are not very optimistic for Poland. Although he appreciates the changes made in recent years – membership in NATO and the European Union and he excludes any threat from Germany, which rejects the scenario of 1939, but he also writes directly that the only potential threat for Poland might come from Russia. He also rightly points out that the only force that can effectively oppose these threats is the United States. However, it takes time for the American soldiers to appear in Poland…

For a citizen of the country at the Vistula these reflections are not very original. Anyway, it is good that before the anniversary of the beginning of the World War II a little of Polish geopolitics found a place on the world market.

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