Marek Siwiec MEP on Poland & Europe

With the beginning of the new political season in Brussels, opinions and signals that came from the European capital cities during the holiday break are being discussed. Among other things the German idea of immediate elaboration of a new treaty as an instrument to fight the crisis and ensure the desired further integration is being brought up.

A question arises: what does Germany really want? Ratification of the Lisbon Treaty was a nightmare. It is generally considered, that the public anti-integration mood is so strong at the moment, that the very first referendum one the topic would spoil the whole idea. Others believe that this idea has a merely financial dimension. More and more countries reach out for Germany’s money while it runs out of patience and resources. The rejection of the idea would be a convenient pretext to cut of all the guarantees, debentures etc.

These are no good news, as the political idea of common Europe will most certainly come to an end, but just like a certain wise European diplomat said, we would be lucky to have left with the Schengen Area and a single market.

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