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Everything is clear

Last week I shared my impressions regarding the Republicans’ convention. Democrats have worked hard to come up with an alternative to what their rivals had to offer, and President Obama presented it last night.

In fact, it is an elaboration on the idea of a welfare state American-style. Access to education and health care is presented in the Democrats’ offer as well as new jobs of course. This last offer, however, is less believable, because even though Obama is proud to have created millions of new jobs, it is not quite clear how many of the existing ones were actually lost. And there is constantly not enough.

One could say the promises and hopes of the current president are being defined by his term that is inevitably slipping away. It would make perfect sense if it was not for Bill Clinton and his speech the previous day. By his personality and experience the former US president stated it very clearly, that Barack Obama is on the right track as he took over a country heavily in debt: “No President, not me, nor any of my predecessors, no one could have fully repaired all the damage he had found in just 4 years”.

So now the Democrats have something that the Republicans never had. That is a validity certificate issued by an ‘external’ auditor. Over 12 years Clinton has not lost any of his charisma, his successes are well remembered and he happened to be quite critical of Obama at times.

Now those Mitt Romney was appealing to never to repeat a mistake of voting for Obama seem to have quite a strong argument to repeat the so-called mistake after all.

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