Marek Siwiec MEP on Poland & Europe

A conference like the one in Yalta is bound to have its rituals, stars and local flavours. The main ritual would be the traditional opening of the meeting by the President of Ukraine. This year he did that together with the Prime Minister of Turkey. Yanukovych did not surprise us, but Erdogan definitely did.

Most of the Prime-Minister’s speech was dedicated to a famous film about Muhammad. He clearly condemned the would-be masterpiece and stated that the Islamic world has every right to feel insulted and offended. He just as well condemned the terror arising as a reaction to the abovementioned product.

The star of the conference would be Condoleezza Rice, especially after she did not make it for the group picture. You can barely call it a coincidence and when they asked it out loudly where Dr Rice was, someone answered she would come after the elections.

When it comes to flavours, President Yanukovych is relaxed and sure that the Party of Regions will score a victory this autumn. To Aleksander Kwaśniewski’s question about the European Strategy of Yanukovych, he named all the reforms that his administration had introduced so far. After the tenth one President asked whether he should continue.

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