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Since 2 weeks we have been watching the streets of Arab countries, where thousands of people storm the U.S. embassies and burn their flags. The U.S. Ambassador was murdered in Libya. Those Internet users, who ended up watching the notorious video by the end of the night, do not protest. The ones in the streets are the followers of the prophet who were told by some mullahs that their holiness had been offended. As we may see, it did not take long for the sparks to turn into flames. From quiet Tunisia to rebellion Pakistan the message is simple: Death to America!

This crowd in its rage provokes the anger of people like me. No matter what a suspicious guy in the U.S. produced and uploaded on the Internet, MY world does not deserve such an opinion from THEIR world.

There was also another picture of the crowd. This one rather induced to think. In Beirut, Hezbollah gathered a few hundreds of thousands of people. They did not attack the embassies, just calmly listened to the speech that basically went down to: We shall not let anyone offend us. Death to Israel and America! And this is what’s dangerous because these people are well-motivated. They only need to be armed and they would start a war, not just an embassy riot.

All this happens four years after the United States under Barack Obama thanks started showing their better, cooperative face. Within four years the U.S. troops were withdrawn from Iraq, the Arab Spring was being supported, and dozens of other fine gestures were performed towards the Arab world.

So what?

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