Marek Siwiec MEP on Poland & Europe

Georgia has long been in the centre of the European public opinion’s interest. Mikhail Saakashvili often comes to Brussels and is always communicative and very attractive as a speaker. He is the face of Georgian change. What should be particularly emphasized is that Saakashvili managed to politically survive after the war with Russia, which was provoked by him and lost by him. In the end, as it is not a mystery, Saakashvili is an icon of the European People’s Party and in particular of the Civic Platform in Poland. Everyone has their idols, but reason dictates to look deeper into the reality of an important country and see more then what is presented by its leader.

It is well known that the Georgian democracy is going wrong. Many representatives of different NGOs were presenting it during the public hearings in the European Parliament. Before the election the whole united opposition was harassed by the authorities and tracked by undercover agents. Even before the election it was clear that the president’s party must win at all costs. He changed the constitution in the way that would permit him to govern at the position of Prime Minister even after the end of his second term.

The activists from Civic Platform helped him till the end of the campaign. The last one who visited Saakashvili in Georgia was the Speaker of the Senate Bogdan Borusewicz. Prior to him, numerous other politicians from Civic Platform made their pilgrimage to Tbilisi. According to their logic “their man” should be helped at any cost, even if it is at the disgrace of their own country. That’s what happened after the Georgian elections. Poland disregarded the opposition, betted everything on Saakashvili and lost with him.

I wonder how the contacts with the new Georgian government will look like. I wonder when some naive party interests will no longer dominate a balanced and sustainable policy. In Georgia, as it used to be in Ukraine, Civic Platform, quoting an American proverb, put all the eggs in one basket. Now they can count shells after a painful fall.

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