Marek Siwiec MEP on Poland & Europe

Yesterday I wrote that the debate looks differently if you follow it on the spot. For Denver, and especially for its university, it was a feast prepared for a long time. I don t want to enter into the technical matters – where, who, when, because it’s routine. Students created the ambience of the debate.

Picnic started in the early morning. Discussions were held at an improvised stage and were interrupted by numerous performances of different sort of musicians. And no insults, no aggression, even if no one had any doubt as to who supports whom. Romney supporters were wearing Romney masks. When the debate began, young people lied down on the grass, wrapped in blankets and watching the progress of the debate on large television screens. I would like to see a similar event at one of the Polish universities with the participation of our Polish politicians and students dressed up as Tusk, Kaczynski, Miller and Palikot.

This does not mean that the campaign is conducted in an innocent way. On the contrary – the negative campaign is in full swing. With a number of commercials shown on television, we can learn many things. For example, a young worker from Colorado used to build wind farms. Bad Republicans, however, forbade any mortgage for this kind of investments and the man lost his job. He will vote for Obama. Another video shows that the incumbent president is a good liar. He promised to fight unemployment but after 4 years of his presidency there are 4 million more unemployed people in America. Another spot shows Romney who once took over a factory and moved its production to China. As a result of it some Americans lost their jobs.

Etc., etc.

The overall conclusion of the commentators on Thursday evening was that after the debate Mitt Romney took the initiative. And only one month before the election it may prove to be extremely dangerous for Obama…

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