Marek Siwiec MEP on Poland & Europe


If the left-wing in the new EU countries has been lately succeeding in anything, it has been mainly due to new political parties. They have appeared on a political arena and forming an alliance with so called “old social democratic parties” they have been gaining the majority of votes. Let me mention for instance Slovenia, Croatia. Even Robert Fico´s party in Slovakia is indeed a new political product. Therefore, I found it quite unnatural for the Left Democratic Alliance (SLD) to doctrinally reject cooperation with Palikot’s Movement.

In the last year of their activity, many activists from my political party have been proving that Ruch Palikota is out of our way, whichever way we were going. And finally, there is a breakthrough. Tomorrow we are supposed to talk about threats, which are posed by right-wing, nationalistic and fascising groups in Poland. It seems that we can also talk with Palikot’s Movement.

Many SLD activists expressed their astonishment trying to understand what the party leader´s policy is- it was him who organized the meeting. No later than 3 weeks ago, during the closed meeting of the party management in Spala, I was speaking about the need of pragmatic cooperation with Ruch Palikota. At that time, among dozens of speakers, there was only one who referred to my suggestion. It was Leszek Miller who calmly and thoroughly convinced the members gathered that it will simply not pay off. Our voters are so different that in such a case “2+2 may give less than 4”. We were then also shown the results of the survey, which revealed that SLD voters are strictly conservative, for example about issues concerning gays, women and tolerance in general.
The question remains – what will be the long-term effect of tomorrow’s meeting? Is there anything else except the rejection of fascism which can bring these two parties closer together?
We’ll see…

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