Marek Siwiec MEP on Poland & Europe

The Gaza conflict ceasefire has still been in place since it took effect. Israel has not been attacked by militant rockets and, in result, it has not carried out any reprisal attacks. It might be expected that this state of bliss will soon be over, if not literally then at least media silence over Gaza will come to an end.

On November 29th, UN is to give attention to the Palestinian’s request for being recognised as a non-member observer state, as was the case with Vatican. Palestinians have already tried to obtain a full-scale membership in the UN, but it was then American veto in the United Nations Security Council which stood in the way. This time the majority in the UN General Assembly is enough.

By this voting the political future of Mahmud Abbas, Palestinian National Authority president, will be decided. He resides on the West Bank of Jordan and, contrary to Hamas in Gaza, he is officially recognized as a president of Palestine. Recognised as he is, he is now loosing much of the respect he has been enjoying so far as rebellious Gaza is gaining admiration of the Arab world.

Israel has been going out of its way to prevent UN’s recognition of Palestine and it’s been making a huge mistake. At present, taking this courageous step and supporting Abbas and his request would strengthen both himself and his political line. The line of dialogue and Palestinian- Israeli coexistence.

I will be in Israel on Saturday and I will get a first-hand look at how the national authorities perceive this problem.

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