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Day After UN Voting

Outbreak of joy in the West Bank. Hidden anger in Israel. The situation is well illustrated by the drawing from the yesterday’s International Herald Tribune- ecstatic Abbas receiving the decision about his upgrade to a nonmember observer state status at the United Nations and Obama making a remark to Netanjahu in the plenary room: “It is us who are observers today”. Anyway, it is worth analysing yesterday’s voting at the UN General Assembly.

Most of the countries which voted for Palestine, voted against Israel. And I don’t mean dictatorships or “Arab democracies” here, but I think about the group of significant participants to the international dialogue. They wanted to send a signal to Jerusalem stating that a policy of lingering conflict is intolerable in the long run. Maybe the Israeli government will read that signal in the right way.

Majority of the countries which comply with Israeli’s attitude to official negotiations decided to abstain. De facto it was the voting against resolution; however, the political message is similar to the one above.

Palestinian President, Mahmud Abbas, gained more power. The question arises, however, how he will use it. Will he be haughtier towards Israel? Will he sit behind the negotiation table without deciding upon the prerequisites?

In contravention to Israel’s will, a unilateral UN decision may have quite a practical influence on Palestinian-Israeli border reality. Dozens of thousands of Palestinians cross this border everyday to work in Israel. That is for them the only way to make ends meet. Weak as it is, the economy at this territory still depends mostly on cooperation with Israel, let alone the financial connections or security forces relations. If it started to clash also in those issues, everybody including Hamas would have the most damning evidence that with Israeli people one can only act with force.

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  1. Jack, the decision of the Eurobolshevik states might be always same. Same, and same. Remember the year 1938, and you get the answer what will happen. Let the Eurobolsheviks vote with money from their own deep pockets.
    After 20 years of so-called cooperation and unification I have seen just cowards, sheep and monkeys. The ox was also present.

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