Marek Siwiec MEP on Poland & Europe

It rarely happens that I disagree with wise people, who write about women’s or family rights. Whom I mean in this case is Krystyna Kofta. She was outraged by the UNs stride into our internal affairs, which obliges Poland to shut down baby hatches.

It is a coincidence that, claiming they save lives, Kofta has quite a rightful attitude towards baby hatches. It is, indeed, rightful for Polish 19th-century realities. It’s true that baby hatches save lives. If they didn’t exist, 40 children could have ended up just as the siblings from Hipolitowo had.

The problem is that nobody from the UN came up with the idea that there is a country in the centre of Europe, where a woman is afraid of leaving her newborn baby. Such situations happen everywhere. In most countries, however, there are procedures, institutions which protect the life of an unwanted child and do it in a civilized way. Contrary to Poland. In our country, a desperate woman is left alone with her tragedy – she can either leave the baby in a baby hatch or …

I recommend all those well-hearted people calling – hands off from our hatches! – to direct their energy towards actions changing mentality and sensitivity. The church which kindly sponsors baby hatches, advocates all pregnancies. Even those which end up in a baby hatch or Hipolitowo.

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