Marek Siwiec MEP on Poland & Europe

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A debate about the shape of the European Union is ahead of us. I would, therefore, advise all potential participants to this debate to familiarise themselves with some seemingly obvious facts.

The Union which we entered in 2004 is over. The time of proportional development when the alternative: wider (more countries) or deeper (greater integration) was the main dilemma has come to an end. We already know that the crisis has imposed the necessity of a greater integration, although it is still not very clear among which countries. What’s worse, the crisis has come along with the marginalisation of the European Union in the world. We all know that without a global competitiveness, as a continent and as its citizens we will be at a loss.

There is also one more embarrasing issue. The crisis has questioned a multilateral trust of the countries in one another (Garman- Greek relations). It has also diminished the confidence of the citizens in the EU structures. This attitude has been widely surveyed by the British. I am convinced, however, that an ‘exit’ disease is still spreading around the continent.

In the present-day situation, Poland has to make difficult decisions which will define the future of our country for the next decades. An alternative is simple – entering a grey zone or being into the game. And that was the topic of our today’s debate at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan. Together with Janusz Palikot, we had invited students to present them our doubts, anxieties and – what’s most important- our determination to act in the current state of play.

Now, it’s time to speak about Europe…

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