Marek Siwiec MEP on Poland & Europe

Ukrainian day

Yesterday for me everything was all about Ukraine. I will start not very chronologically but in the afternoon the mission Kwasniewski-Cox arrived at the Conference of Presidents of the European Parliament. After a long conversation, which concerned more the relations between the EU and Ukraine, it was decided that the mandate of the mission’s members would be extended until the Eastern Partnership summit, which is to take place in November this year in Vilnius. In two months we can expect a full report on the humanitarian dimension of their actions. Everyone knows what it means.

Meanwhile, in the morning for the first time we held a meeting of the Working Group on the Eastern Partnership summit. Together with Commissioner Fule we will be monitoring the preparations for the summit. However, the task looks quite headlong. Policies of each of the six EaP countries have changes radically during recent years. And it’s probably not for the better. My comment concerns Ukraine and Azerbaijan. I do not know which way Georgia will go. It is known, however, that nothing new and nothing good is happening in Belarus.

Also, yesterday we held a meeting of Euronest – the assembly of representatives of the European Parliament and the parliaments of the countries participating in the Eastern Partnership. This body will also have a chance to answer the question on how much the EaP countries have moved towards to the EU.

And generally, in Strasbourg there is a winter. This simple word means that at least once a day it snows, at night the temperature is negative, and the French are surprised that they experience so badly the climate change.

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