Marek Siwiec MEP on Poland & Europe

The results of voting on budget at the Plenary Session last week were crushing. Over 500 MEPs were for, 161 against and 23 abstained. But what did it really mean to be FOR?

FOR veto, if the Council did not engage in negotiations
FOR flexibility, which meant moving unused money in time and from one entry to the other
FOR covering the 52-billion deficit
FOR budget revision in 2017, with the possibility of its increase in mind

All in all, it meant being FOR changes which give chance for improvements.

Voting against was equal to accepting the Council decision unconditionally and without negotiations.

An interesting coalition emerged among voters against. It was Polish (PO and PSL) and Swedish EPP, almost all conservatists and reformists (PiS), British socialists and extreme antiEuropean right wing. Jerzy Buzek abstained from voting.

The composition of the majority was also kind of interesting: almost all Christian democrats, socialists, liberals and greens.

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