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LGBT and the visas

Yesterday the European Parliament held a debate on visa facilitation for the Ukrainians. The issue seemed indisputable since it applies to a small group of citizens – youths, students and seniors. The idea in question concerns mainly prolonging the visa validity and in some cases reducing the cost of issuance. I used the word SEEMED deliberately, since it had been indisputable until the LGBT lobby started to criticize the draft.

The representatives of LGBT group claimed that a country which openly fights against homosexuals instead of fighting homophobia does not deserve any kind of gestures of goodwill from the European Union. In addition, on that occasion also Russia was punished for showing off in Europe with its “fight against promoting homosexuals”.

I participated in that discussion and I presented my view. We cannot throw the baby out with the bath water in such case. How can we punish people who want to immigrate to the West with visa procedures which are already cumbersome anyway? There are also LGBTs among these people. The only ‘genuine’ instrument of enforcing changes in Ukraine is not a visa facilitation agreement but Association Agreement. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to sign it during the Vilnius Summit. Also with regard to this issue.

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