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If numerous ‘fans’ of Aleksander Kwasniewski feel like following his Ukrainian mission activities I have a surprise for them. A day schedule of the former President and Pat Cox for both today and tomorrow.


9-12 Meeting with President Yanukovych
12-13:30 Meeting with PM Azarov
14-30-15:30 Meeting with Speaker Rybak
16-17 Meeting with Tymoshenko defence team
17-18 Meeting with Lutsenko
18-19 Meeting with former Congressman Slattery
19-20 Meeting with EU Ambassadors 27


7:20-11:20 Flight Kyiv- Brussels
12-13:15 Meeting with AFET Enlarged Bureau
15-16 Meeting with the Delegation EU-Ukraine
16-18 Meeting with Yatsenyuk, the leader of the parliamentary fraction ‘Fatherland’, and Lady Ashton
18-19 Meeting with former PM Kluyev

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  1. Dear friends
    I have seen and read quickly in google news that :
    « Ukraine Minister for Energy and coal industry Eduard Stavytskyi and European commissioner in charge of Energy German Gunther Oetting (R) shake hands after the signature of the 7th annual Progress report on the implementation of EU/ Ukraine »

    Titre: Ukraine needs to make more progress on energy efficiency to boost economy
    I remember tha city Kyiv is a historic place in history
    If you like see these links:
    Have a nice day

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