Marek Siwiec MEP on Poland & Europe

Apparently bookies in London get bets on whether or not Aleksander Kwasniewski will stand for the elections to the European Parliament. This is of course a joke, but the subject is present in the public debate. He himself has commented on this twice, first said he is not excluding the idea of being a candidate and recently he said that for now he is not going to stand for the election. And so it began.

Instead of listening to the voice of the former president, opponents have released a deep sigh of relief. Meanwhile, we learned something banal – Aleksander Kwasniewski is not a candidate now, because at this moment … noone candidates.

The former president could make two false moves. The first is confirming his candidacy – then everyone, instead of getting to work, would be waiting for a miracle. The second disastrous move would be to announce he does not stand for the election – then we would hear that the entire Europa Plus project is bogus, and that in general, people were deceived.

For me personally, it is enough that the co-creation of Europa Plus by Aleksander Kwasniewski is concrete and tangible. Just the way you make politics. When we really need him, he is there. At this stage he will not do things which can easily be done by others.

To all those who are afraid of Europa Plus, afraid of Aleksander Kwasniewski in politics (of course not European, but a national one) I am dedicating an important message: prepare for the worst.

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