Marek Siwiec MEP on Poland & Europe

Tomorrow we will publish a Europa Plus program. Tomorrow, on Europe Day, we want to publicly pledge the direction of our work on the program which is being formed before your eyes. I do not want to spoil the premiere, but to spice up your appetite today, here are a few thoughts that you can read about in details tomorrow.
• We are not afraid of the word “federalization”. More power should go to Brussels with regard to cases when the citizens can benefit from that. Conversely, we’re eliminating absurdities – such as the working time of doctors should be regulated by the members states themselves.
• This process must be accompanied by the principle of “more democracy in Europe.” The parliament must exercise realistic control over the bureaucracy. It must assume more power in Europe.
• We want to make the European economy compete with the rest of the world.
• We demand the completion of operation “a common European market.”
• The single currency will ensure the safety of businesses and citizens.
• Common English language taught broadly and for free will ease our lives.
• Europeans should spend at least one hour a week on shared history lessons in schools.

Not enough?

Tomorrow I invite you for more!

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