Marek Siwiec MEP on Poland & Europe

Our European flyers went into the world. Preliminary statistics – of the 10 awards we were giving, two people declined. There were many people who asked for a contact and want to collaborate with Europa Plus. On this occasion, we have done a short review of the bullets shot at us and Aleksander Kwaśniewski from February.

Chronologically, it was something like this:

– The room – too small and too dim,
– no women,
– only oldies among them,
– they’re breaking down the left wing,
– they want to force their way into the European Parliament,
– Palikot is weighing down Kwasniewski,
– and vice versa,
– he didn’t look good and he probably drank (Kwasniewski, not Palikot),
– they are taking money from Nazarbajew,
– and Kwasniewski is taking money from Kulczyk,
– he is plotting with Russian Jews,
– And in general, will he stand for the election or not?!

And so it was loud and there were a lot of names dropped.

But here we go!
PS Since yesterday, an updated Europa Plus website has been operating. We removed the Hyde Park section, but thanks to that you can comment on any article. There will be more political commentaries and interaction. Enjoy!

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