Marek Siwiec MEP on Poland & Europe

David Cameron is a professional. When announcing (in the Polish media too) the crackdown on immigrants, he was setting the stage for concrete decisions. The government’s plans were declared in the House of Commons by the Queen in her speech prepared by the Prime Minister, as it had been usually held in Britain. It will be exactly as promised – more difficulty to access housing benefits, a decreased period of unemployment status and in general all immigrants (including those of the EU countries) will be treated like a group of sub-humans that are subject to real segregation.

In this case, along with my political group, I prepared a written question to the Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, László Andor, while Janusz Palikot addressed the same inquiry to the Polish Prime Minister. The reason behind it was our belief that the fundamental EU Treaty principle of freedom of movement was breached. We have received many signals from the UK saying that the Poles are mistreated- housing allowances are granted in a completely inconsistent way. Famous for their independence and impartiality, the British courts need “only” 5 years for settling the alimony cases of Poles. In general, the British government is acting as if locusts from the new member states came to exploit the Crown; not working and not paying taxes. Just like that.

Tomorrow in Brussels we will discuss these issues with the Chairman of the Palikot Movement, who will meet with the leadership of the S&D group, as well as with Commissioner Andor.

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