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You could say – this is a model operation with the use of national and European “forces and resources.” When David Cameron warned that he will be turning the bolt for immigrants, including immigrants from the EU, there was an unusual silence. The exception was the inquiry to the Prime Minister from Janusz Palikot (the second inquiry so far). Whereas, I presented this issue to the Groups of Socialists and Democrats. And so, there came an official written question to the Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs, and Inclusion, László Andor.
I indicated in this inquiry, which regulations of the European law are being breached or will be breached by the British government according to its announcements. It concerns the directive on the right to the freedom of movement for EU citizens and their family members and the right to reside within the territory of the member states. The second regulation, which the British are ignoring, concerns the right of workers to be able to remain in a member state even after their employment has finished. Bear in mind that the regulation will be binding in its entirety and will be directly applied in all the member states. You could also invoke Article 45, Treaty of the Functioning of the EU, which is the basis of the regulations above.
Today marks the three week period that the Commission had to give a response. Together with Janusz Palikot, we visited László Andor yesterday, who concisely and accurately described his actions. He demanded an explanation from the British and gave evidence of them breaching the law. But, to no avail. Yesterday, we were informed that he would take the case to the European Court of Justice.
I am surprised that the Polish media that was informed of this fact didn’t notice the significance of the event. I don’t know if the court has already made a decision, but at this stage we simply have the win.

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  1. I provide the following information simply to inform the debate.

    Eurostat figures for 2011 (most recent) show UK took the largest number of EU migrants of all the countries in the EU at 566K. Polish is now the second most spoken language in England. The 2011 census showed 521K Polish born citizens resident in the UK, up from 60K in 2001.

    The UK alone in the Eurobarometer polls consistently shows the rate of EU immigration as a major issue for the domestic population.

    Senior members of the generally pro EU Labour Party have made the following comments relating to immigration under Labour 1997 – 2010 :-

    Ed Miliband Leader of the Opposition “One of the things we didn’t get right was immigration and that’s why I’ve got a new approach.” (National Broadcast 6th March 2013)

    Ed Balls Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer “We were wrong to allow so many eastern Europeans into Britain’ (The Guardian, June 6th 2010)

    This is an incredibly delicate issue for all concerned and it will be interesting to see how it is handled when one considers the clear legal obligations of the UK against the equally clear public view on the volume of immigration and the possible impact on the current UK debate surrounding EU membership.

  2. I support the British stance against these EU laws and regulations 100% !!!

    People are able to migrate to Britain and enjoy social financing and services , exceeding those available to British citizens , while looking for a job .
    That is not the case for British citizens moving to another European country , who must have a contract to work , or sufficient means to be self supporting .
    Britain needs to leave the EU as soon as possible !!!

  3. Have any of you Daily Mail True Believers ever considered the viewpoints of long-term British “expats”, who after several decades of residence (and thus, full financial contributions) in EU countries, find ourselves faced, not only with disenfranchisement (no vote in UK after fifteen years abroad), but now with this senseless move to “quite the EU”. Without doing more than glancing at the economic consequences of this move, if it came to fruition (ask the CBI about that), it would certainly be catastrophic for the many thousands of us who left GB long ago….

  4. Ian

    I don’t see your standpoint .
    If you left Britain decades ago , to live and work in another country , what is it to you what Britain chooses to do ?
    Britain should not have joined the EEC in the first place . The people were lied to and misled at the time of the 1975 referendum and John Major made a great error in not holding a referendum before signing Maastricht . Of course there would be some sort of economic set back on leaving the EU . Perhaps as an Ex Pat you are unaware of the very strong feelings of Euroscepticism among British people . The feeling of European unity is upset by a major member state , Britain , whose people constantly revile the EU and want to leave . Perhaps that might change in the event of the people voting in a referendum to remain in the EU . I guess that you among many are fairly sure that an IN/OUT referendum will produce an vote to leave the EU .
    I opposed joining the EEC and am consistently opposed to EU membership .
    I consider that I am a better European than most . I have lived in Italy for a number of years and speak the language fluently . My daughter is married to a charming , educated German who works for a government minister and lives in Berlin .
    I am one of those thousands you refer to , who have been living away from Britain a good many years . I have been living in Thailand nearly ten years and I don’t feel any disenfranchisement , I receive my state pension and marriage allowance for my Thai wife . I love Europe and all its varied cultures . In the early 1960s I used to have a European train timetable . In the winter evenings my sister and I planned train journeys all over Europe , often on trains that stopped at every station during the day and had couchettes at night . In the summer we took journeys all about Europe , meeting people who got into the train , with not the slightest problem at any frontier . People think Shengen gives them freedom to drive unhindered all over Europe . While I lived in Italy I was frequently stopped to check my Italian Identity card and drivers licence . Once you are in Britain , there is very little likelyhood of one being stopped .

  5. David,

    The essential point would be that the EU-related rights I hold in France, would become inapplicable if the UK left the EU. I do keep very informed about what is happening in the UK, both online and by newspapers, readily available here. I do agree that the EU, as it stands, is a creeping free-market ideological construction, with a Hidden Agenda (viz the Bolkestein Directive). The French voted against the Constitution, as did Ireland and the Netherlands, so it was brought in by stealth. I do think there is a lot of room for discussion on what the Eu “should” be about and what it has actually become.. who gave the instructions to enforce the dismantling of public services, for example?

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