Marek Siwiec MEP on Poland & Europe

10 years ago in a nationwide referendum, Poland responded to the question – Do you sir/madam, approve of Poland joining the European Union?

On June 7-8, 2013, 59% of those eligible to vote went to the polls, that’s more than 17.5 million people. From this number, 77.5% said YES, and the rest said NO. The results were overwhelmingly in favour of joining and the membership received the strongest mandate, as confirmed in the general poll. I’d like to remind you that Polish Families’ League (Roman Giertych), the Real Politics Union (Janusz Krowin-Mikke), and Self-Defense (Andrzej Lepper), were all officially against our membership in the European Union.

The results of the votes showed us, for the first time, how powerful the division of Poland was into the East and West. Statistics show that there were districts where 80% of voters were in favour of integration, but there were also places where a similar number of citizens voted against it.

I remember the “election night” at the President Palace and anxiously waiting for the outcome. When we saw the results, a euphoric joy broke out. We could feel the taste of our EU membership so strongly and it was firmly supported by millions of Poles.

I am recalling these facts, because soon we will be making a decision about Poland entering the eurozone. Although everything is clear in the Treaty, the Poles should express their opinion on the new way of integration through the referendum. Without doubt, the division that took place 10 years ago will show up with double forces. The eurosceptics will come out from the shadows to point out the real and imaginary weaknesses of the Union. Just as they did before, we want the supporters of Europe to integrate themselves.

Europa Plus was created precisely for this reason. We want to achieve another success!

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  1. It was very right for Poland to join and that we concur with.

    But we also want Turkey to join. This Power-House economy at the border-lands of Asia and Europe has so much to offer and engage. If you can allow countries who have perpetuated indiscriminate genocide in the 1990s to join whilst the West looked on – this was in your generation as well as mine – thenthat which the Turkish Nation (Pre-Attaturk days) was party to as much as others is so very welcomed.. We prefer Turkey to Croatia.

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