Marek Siwiec MEP on Poland & Europe

If it did not work out by screaming maybe it will work out by silence. By ‘it’ I mean eliminating Europa Plus. For the last three months I have heard that there is no programme, that Aleksander Kwasniewski will soon withdraw, that it is another lift to cushy jobs, that there are no women, that it is not leftish at all and so on and so forth. The political salon was yelling with indignation. Yesterday, it turned out that … it is completely opposite. On the contrary, it was inventive and resourceful, friendly and quite varied.
The Political Working Group of Europa Plus which was established in the Polish Parliament on Friday is a platform for cooperation of those whose political views are directed to the left of the centre. For those who have ideas to change something in the Polish politics. We were talking a lot about Civic Platform (PO) and its weak governing. The European elections naturally became a booster for a discussion about Poland and its ills. It is joyful but at the same time challenging.

On Saturday I learnt unofficially that I am not invited to the so called ‘Congress of the Polish Left’. Frankly speaking, I did not expect to have this honour; however, I was really amused by the arguments in support of this decision put forward by the President of Democratic Left Alliance (SLD). He said that he would not invite me because some time ago I decided that the SLD is not enough for me. I would just like to mention that I have been a member of the Socialists and Democrats Group in the European Parliament for many years and I am now co- establishing a movement which voluntarily and reliably places itself on this side of the political scene.

Therefore, I can say now that the congress that will soon be organized will rather be the Congress of the Polish Licensed Left; licensed by the SLD.

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