Marek Siwiec MEP on Poland & Europe

A few days ago, Tusk and Kaczynski were at each other’s throats, shifting responsibility for Poland’s adoption of the climate package. This situation shows the leadership’s misery and complete lack of understanding of the problem.

Poland has not implemented any of the following directives:
– Directive on the promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources
– Directive on the geological storage of carbon dioxide
– Revised Emission Trading Scheme Directive – about community trading schemes for greenhouse emission

and huge financial penalties threaten Poland because of it.

Instead of discussing how to implement the package in the best and most beneficial way for Poland, the gentlemen are throwing accusations about who signed it.

Yesterday, the European Parliament adopted another stance on tightening carbon emissions. The Polish authority’s entire energy went towards rejecting this position. It didn’t work.

My decision to abstain from voting is a sign that Europa Plus is in favour of progressive energy policy that is based on long-term benefits for society. Yesterday’s vote once again showed that Poland is not able to stop the EU climate policy, hence we should think about how we could benefit from it.

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  1. Gratuluje odwagi Panie Siwiec! W koncu jakis rozsadny glos ze strony polskich MEPs! Polska, podobnie jak NIemcy, jest w stanie skorzystac na europejskiej polityce klimatycznej i energetycznej. Potrzebuje jedynie stabilnych ram prawnych dla rozwoju “zielonego” przemyslu. Swietnie by bylo, gdyby kiedys polscy politycy w Warszawie wprowadzali takie przepisy z wlasnej woli a nie z przymusu.

    W kazdym badz razie ma Pan moj glos w przyszlych wyborach do Parlamentu Europejskiego!

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