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Apart from a spectacular victory of Chancellor Merkel, it is worth having a closer look at some facts which may broaden our thinking of German politics. A trivial remark to begin with. The CDU/CSU lacks 4 votes to have a majority which means that the majority is in the hands of opposition parties. The problem… » read more

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Time to act

The document that was signed by Russia and the USA is two-page long and includes the same number of appendices. With a frequent usage of a phrase: „as quickly as possible”, it thoroughly describes a procedure which is to lead to liquidation of chemical weapons in Syria. One of the most important messages it contains… » read more

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War of paradoxes

Noone knows how the next unveiling of the war in Syria will end, but it will definitely go down into history as an event full of paradoxes. The world officially condemned the use of chemical weapon. It is forbidden by international conventions. However, 99 % of the victims of this war die not due to… » read more

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