Marek Siwiec MEP on Poland & Europe

War of paradoxes

Noone knows how the next unveiling of the war in Syria will end, but it will definitely go down into history as an event full of paradoxes.

The world officially condemned the use of chemical weapon. It is forbidden by international conventions. However, 99 % of the victims of this war die not due to the use of chemical but because of conventional weapon, which is not forbidden by any agreements.

Americans are to attack Assad’s regime in order to help the rebels. Among them there is also Al-Kaida, an organization which killed a few thousand people in New York, London, Madrid and in some other places in the world.

Along with the President of the United States goes the President of France − socialist François Hollande. This evokes a sort of dismay among the deputies from my political group. They are not keen on wars in general.

Antigovernmental rebellion in Syria is supported by billions of dollars from Saudi Arabia and other countries of the Gulf Region. The dictator is to be overthrown by other dictators, similar to him or even more repressive.

And how to draw up a frontline and divide Syria for the good and the bad part…

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