Marek Siwiec MEP on Poland & Europe

Time to act

The document that was signed by Russia and the USA is two-page long and includes the same number of appendices. With a frequent usage of a phrase: „as quickly as possible”, it thoroughly describes a procedure which is to lead to liquidation of chemical weapons in Syria. One of the most important messages it contains is the call mainly for the countries of the Security Council (P5) to join the action of its implementation.

The Executive Council for the implementation of Chemical Weapons Convention has very limited technical abilities and without additional employees and equipment it is out of the questions that a half-year term is met. As it was reasonably noticed by Minister Sikorski, majority of weapons which is to be liquidated was manufactured on the basis of Soviet Union’s technologies.

Perhaps it is a good occasion for Poland to join the action. Although risky, it is strictly a peacekeeping mission. The rebels have already announced that they will not accept it. We should not be surprised about that since the agreement of Assad’s joining the Chemical Weapons Convention acknowledges his presence in the international community. Whereas a few countries have recently recognized the rebels as legitimate Syria citizens!

I would like to encourage the government of the Republic of Poland to consider this suggestion. We could erase bad impression, which was left by Donald Tusk saying that the conflict in Syria completely does not concern Poland.

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