Marek Siwiec MEP on Poland & Europe

American budget crisis is developing. Official meetings are being held in Congress but on the third day there´s still no agreement. After an initial defense, Republicans begin to reveal number data, particularly the costs that have to be borne by employers, and simulations of the impact of these costs on a labour market. For now, however, it doesn`t change much because 44% of Americans put Republicans to blame for the crisis, 32% think it is a Democrats’ fault and 17% blame both parties. Among multitude of financial news in the U.S. media other types of analyses stand out. These are surveys on the presidential election in the year 2016.

There is a quite substantial peloton running for nomination among Republicans. Senator Rand Paul (Ron Paul´s son) is a leader in this chase, with an average of 16% of votes. The candidate is supported by a five-man group with approximately 10 – 12% support (New Jersey Governor Christopher Christie, Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, known for last year’s election Congressman Paul Ryan, and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush). Democrats are in quite opposite situation. Hillary Clinton´s nomination is taken for granted. She´s supported by circa 60% of voters, and other candidate can only count on 11%.

It should be noted that the former first lady wins in direct fight for the White House with each of republican candidates – the differences are quite significant and equal in the best case a double-digit.

The elections will only be held in three years’ time, but when I looked at Mrs. Clinton a few weeks ago in Yalta, I had no doubt that she is preparing for a fight.

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