Marek Siwiec MEP on Poland & Europe

Great politics consists of small and silent declarations which at a certain moment hit us with the power of the waterfall. A few days ago, after a meeting of Marine Le Pen with Austrian Freedom Party, a seemingly insignificant message appeared. Both parties declared that nationalistic international group in Europe (European Alliance for Freedom) will campaign together for the upcoming European Parliament elections.

The participants to the Alliance are different: from very strong France to begin with, through co-governing Party for Freedom in the Netherlands, until small but loud parties in Great Britain and Belgium. Likewise, recently directed towards this formation have been the eyes of both Greece’s Golden Dawn and Hungary’s Jobbik. The latter surely dressed up in beautiful, pre-war, fascist uniforms.

The aforementioned parties proclaim in a more or less open way their anti-European slogans. They are against immigrants and minorities. One can say- close to fascism, although this word is not written at their flags.

It is clear that the idea behind these actions is to make anti-integration philosophy have a real weight in the European Parliament. In the meantime so far also without much publicity, German Der Spiegel presented the ideas of Chancellor Merkel for introducing the changes into the European Treaties. They concern giving the European Commission the right to interfere in members’ budgets through agreements stating maximum deficit and other parameters. Countries which abide by the agreements would receive an aid from a special budget of the Euroland. Relevant entries would be introduced in Protocol 14 on Eurogroup functioning. However, Eurozone countries’ ministers of finance find no grounds for such a change in the Treaties.

Thus, there is a second pole in the attitude towards Europe.

„Your Move” and „Europe Plus” have been warning about the above mentioned process since their establishment. Countries from outside the Eurozone, such as Poland will be even more isolated and deprived of any possibility for cooperation with the strongest. The Eurozone countries will leave a place for nationalists in the European Union, while a country like Poland, taken as a player in a school game dodgeball, will be in serious troubles.

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