Marek Siwiec MEP on Poland & Europe

Polish press seems to have overlooked several crucial events in Ukraine. Over a week ago, Yulia Tymoshenko accepted the proposal of partial pardon put forward by Cox and Kwasniewski. Interestingly, this news was revealed during a political talk-show the following day.

The same issue is being worked upon by the Verkhovna Rada. Two legislative proposals provide for the right of the prisoner patient to a temporary suspension of legal punishment, including the right to leave the country. Another proposal, submitted jointly by the opposition, concerns “prohibition of selective justice”. This may lead straight to Tymoshenko’s amnesty.

Somewhat in the shadow of “the great game for Yulia”, there starts yet another one- for Klitschko. The Presidential Administration is planning to introduce some restrictions in passive electoral law for persons who have not been residing in their country for the past few years. This is to be achieved through the amendment to tax law, according to which a person who does not pay taxes in Ukraine may not be considered its resident. Klitschko has not been paying his taxes in Ukraine for 13 years.

Today, Klitschko wins remarkably in the second round of presidential elections in all surveys and against all candidates- Tymoshenko, Yanukovych, Yatsenyuk.

These measures are typical of Ukrainian thinking about politics. But the story is spiced up by the fact that the above-mentioned proposal was made by a deputy from Tymoshenko’s party.

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