Marek Siwiec MEP on Poland & Europe

Commentators agree that the reasons for an extraordinary visit of John Kerry to Poland are rather unclear. On this occasion, I have read some speculations that the Secretary of State wants to forewarn us against what else Edward Snowden knows in order to avoid an unpleasant surprise after another leak.

This observation, even if made up, evokes two questions: what Snowden actually knows and if the Americans know what he knows.

Let us assume, for a moment, the worst scenario- Snowden knows all the US naughty secrets and the Americans realise it. They could then in fact warn their allies instead of risking troublesome situations, as in the case of Germany. They did nothing then, so they must have hoped that the gloomy truth about the practices in the Embassy in Berlin would not be disclosed. This means the US does not know what Snowden has yet to reveal. This lets the Russians practice political blackmailing on an unparalleled scale. And then it gets really dangerous.

The Americans thus have the choice to either preventively act and forewarn those interested against their sins or wait for next sensational facts that will compromise their country and its administration.

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