Marek Siwiec MEP on Poland & Europe

Today morning in an interview by Monika Olejnik, the President of Poland Bronisław Komorowski asked about his reflection on the burning of Warsaw rainbow said sincerely that he does not understand the arsonists because the installation was built at the Savior Square in Warsaw to commemorate Polish presidency in the European Union!!!

Formally speaking, the President is right, however, due to his excessive workload, he must have missed some events which took place afterwards. Colours of the rainbow are symbols of tolerance for homosexuals all over the world. Our rainbow was dishonoured, burnt and it quickly stopped to be associated with the EU. For the Polish people it is just like any other rainbow in the world. It symbolizes tolerance, equality and it goes far beyond the European tradition.

Those who burnt it on Monday on the occasion of the National Holiday are not only criminals but also idiots. They created a symbol and a place of worship, which will now gather their worst enemies. No difference – burnt frames or renewed colours, it will attract people and boost their imagination.

Twoj Ruch calls for erecting a similar rainbow next to the Polish Sejm. Others should appear in the whole country- rainbows of freedom.

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