Marek Siwiec MEP on Poland & Europe

The sitting of Verkhovna Rada started some time ago. Routine as it seems, the imagine of Majdan somewhere at the background. It is obvious for me that in the face of the present situation the Parliament has to start talking. It possess all instruments to learn a lesson from all that has been going on or at least to demand information on what actually happened in Vilnius and why.

If the leaders of the opposition parties wanted to bring their demands from Majdan to the parliamentary hall then the president, government and parliament would have to be dismissed. Attractive as it sounds, it is completely unreal.

The opposition announced introduction of a motion of censure for the government. The results of the voting will make it possible to assess how coherent the Party of the Regions is. Only if at least 20 members of the party were to leave it, the formation of a new government might be realistically planned.

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