Marek Siwiec MEP on Poland & Europe

Ukrainian portal „Tyzhden” published an article in which it warns against Russian actions directed towards several Members to the European Parliament who are engaged in the process of association of Ukraine with the European Union. The list includes 13 names – 5 Polish, 3 German, 2 Estonian, Dutch, Romanian and British.
Political circle is mixed. European People’s Party dominates but there are representatives of all other political factions. The list of names- with special attention to functions- is also rich. Jacek Protasiewicz- vicepresident of the European Parliement, Elmar Brok-chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs, Rebecca Harms- president of the Greens. Lena Kolarska- Bobińska mentioned in the article is also a high-level politician. She has just been nominated a minister and she is no longer an MEP.
I would like to add that the list comprises other Polish MEPs: Pawel Kowal, Jacek Saryusz- Wolski and myself.
Whatever happens and whatever actions Russian services undertake, at least we are in a good company and for a good cause.

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