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Less Ukraine

There is no Ukraine in Davos this year. Well, there is, but not that vividly as it was in the last years. On Wednesday, Martin Schulz, Pat Cox and Aleksander Kwasniewski participated in a meeting held in camera with Deputy Prime Minister Jurij Bojko who represented the authorities and Petro Poroszenko speaking for the opposition. It can be easily imagined how the meeting looked like.

The following day, Victor Pinchuk organized a philanthropic charity roundtable. Among the speakers addressing the full audience were Tony Blair, Bill Gates, Richard Branson and Muhammad Yunus, the Nobel Prize Winner for economy in 2006.

Leaving philanthropy behind, Maidan was in the background of discussions. The participants commemorated the victims with a minute’s silence and the question – what next? – was often asked behind the scenes. Unfortunately, I did not come across any optimistic person about the issue. The leaders of opposition call for sanctions while the authorities prove that the limits of civil disobedience have been much crossed already.

One of the participants told me that Ukraine is another proof for the statement that young democracy is more dangerous than old dictatorship. Apparently, majority in Kiev (the authorities) believe they can DO everything while minority (the opposition and its leaders) are convinced they can DEMAND all they want.

With such attitude there is no place for an agreement.

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