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Maidan fortress

Nighttime, snow falling from the sky and frost create a special atmosphere when a “revolution” is going on. Yesterday, late evening after meetings with Vitali Klitschko, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Grigoriy Niemiria and Ruslan Kashulinsky we went to Maidan. Our host was a commander of the “fortress” – Andriey Parubi.

Indeed, Maidan looks like a fortress. Numbered barricades are more or less 3 meters high and 5 meters wide on the ground. They are built from sandbags. If there was no sand, snow was used. The barricades, each has its governor subordinate to the main commander. Inside the camp there are people living in tents. Around dozen of them staying in each. There is a great order everywhere, you cannot event find a single cigarette butt. I visited demonstrators from Kolomyia. Their mood is rather belligerent. It’s warm inside the tents and they are determined to stay there until the victory. In spite of the temperature at minus twenty degrees, all the time there is something going on the stage – a person is giving a speech or a movie is being shown. Yesterday there was one about Ukrainian Insurgent Army.

The last part of our programme is a visit to trade union buildings. The leadership of the protest is located there. They resemble old guerrilla buildings I think, this time, however, more of a large scale. Before entering we thoroughly wipe our shoes. Each floor is occupied by different parties. In other corridors and rooms there is a hospital and a “Right Sector” grouping. Party divisions are of no importance here since according to the leaders, they are the core of revolution. They do not treat themselves as extremists. To violence they react with violence but this is not forbidden.

The programme will be continued today

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