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Day after

For the last several hours I have been trying to settle up my thoughts about what is happening in Ukraine. I would like to share a few remarks which will hopefully help readers understand the situation in our neighbouring country.

The agreement entered into by Sikorski- Steinmeier- Yanukovych- Yatseniuk- Klitschko- Tiahnybok on Friday initiated “a cooperation of all parties for the sake of its implementation”. After a few hours, the leadership of the opposition saw that the crowd would not accept it. As a consequence, the government of the country (president plus Party of the Regions) decided to flee from Kiev. It was, however, not until the following day that the facts about the escape have come to light. That day the history started to create a new scenario- scenario of revolution. The political emptiness left after the former government was taken by the deputies – those from opposition, but also communists and a few dozens of members from Party of the Regions led by Siergiej Tihipko. Three delegates appointed yesterday by the Verkhovna Rada (the army, services and prosecution) form some kind of a frame for a new provisional government, whose members will surely be coming from Batkivshchyna, Udar and Svoboda.

In such an atmosphere, late evening Majdan saw Yulia Tymoshenko on the stage. Emotions apart, I would say- different Maidan, different Yulia. Maidan is today much more demanding than before. It has also much more confidence in its strength. The gathering will definitely last long weeks in order to look over the shoulders of all those untrusted leaders. I can even imagine the situation that the most important decisions will be made at Maidan…

On Yulia Tymoshenko’s face we could see those 2 years of incarceration. We could feel also that her words were not getting to the collective emotions of Maidan. Thus, Maidan will be also problematic for her.

Yesterday, on the stage just behind her there was her daugther Eugenia and Arseniy Yatseniuk. Further behind, there was also Tiahnybok and four members of the European Parliament (Rebecca Harms, Anna Gomes, J. Saryusz-Wolski i and myself). Vitali Klitschko was not there which was a clear signal that the trilateral cooperation between Maidan- oposition leaders-Tymoshenko may not go so smoothly.

Finally, the most important comment. The Party of the Regions, which gathered in exile in Charkov made a huge mistake. Dangerous words about the division of the country were said there. If the leaders of the biggest political party so far wanted to defend their views, they should have stayed in Kiev. This is the beginning of Ukraine’s and Party of the Regions’ problems.

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