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I would like to recommend to you an article by the Members of the Board of Yalta European Strategy (YES) calling upon Russia and the European Union to „support harmonious economic development of Ukraine”.

Marek Siwiec

Yalta European Strategy (YES) is the largest social institution of public diplomacy in Eastern Europe, providing an open and equal dialogue on global issues affecting the European Union, Ukraine, Russia and other countries.

Ukraine: We must look forward

On Maidan, flowers have replaced the cobblestones and barricades. They honor the heroes who fell one week ago for Ukraine and who will live in hearts forever. Their example is humbling.
But their disappearance must not – cannot – lead to the split of Ukraine: this would be to betray them in the most shameful way, to betray those who died so that Ukraine could live!
The Ukrainian people did everything they could and more: those who did not die fought, and those who did not fight showed their support in a thousand ways, which allowed Maidan to withstand day after day.
The Ukrainian people will, by vote, continue their efforts to re-establish the rule of law, wipe out corruption and embed democracy more deeply in Ukraine, so that everyone can live there in peace.
However, this time, the Ukrainian people cannot do it all alone. They are going to need help – they already need help.
It is no longer the time for great declarations of intention, cautious diplomatic statements or evasion: it is time to act.
We therefore call upon Russia and the West, especially European Union to assume their common responsibility: to support the harmonious economic development of Ukraine. We therefore ask them to set up a conference on the future of Ukraine as soon as possible.
Nothing substantial or sustainable will be accomplished unless these two historic partners of Ukraine reach an agreement.
If this means making compromises, then let’s make them! Ukraine and the Ukrainian people deserve better than a game of role playing in which each participant occupies a position that closes the door to any hope of progress.
If this means looking towards the future, then let’s do so! Ukraine and the Ukrainian people deserve to have everyone looking forward today and to have us all looking in the same direction.
The people of Ukraine need an act that shows the European Union’s recognition for all those who fought for its values – why not immediately rescind the revocation of the visas of Ukrainian citizens looking to travel to a member country of the European Union?
The people of Ukraine need urgent assistance to meet their immediate financial obligations – they are counting on Russia and the European Union to provide this assistance.
To pick itself back up, Ukraine is going to need the Ukrainian people, but also the European Union and Russia. It is up to the people of Russia and Europe to give the Ukrainian people back the ability to move forward together.
YES will be happy to organize such a conference in the historical Livadia Palace in Yalta, Ukraine, if the support of an independent NGO can be helpful. We hope the West, especially the EU, and Russia, will be ready to act.

We say to them: do it!

The Members of the Board of Yalta European Strategy

Aleksander Kwasniewski, President of Poland (1995–2005), Chairman of the Board of YES;
Pat Cox, President of the European Parliament (2002-2004); Mario David, Member of the European Parliament; ; Stephane Fouks, Vice President, Havas Group and Executive Co-Chairman, Havas Worldwide; Victor Pinchuk, Founder of YES, Founder of EastOne Group, Founder of the Victor Pinchuk Foundation; Alexander Rahr, Senior Advisor, Wintershall Holding; Research Director, German-Russian Forum; Jean-Pierre Saltiel, President (1998–2004), Rothschild Сonseil International, France; Marek Siwiec, Member of the European Parliament; Javier Solana, High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy of the European Union and Secretary General of the Council of the EU (1999-2009)

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  1. Now anyone who has had access to watching the BBC Newsnight Programme from the UK will see that the writers here who knew that the Far Right Neo-Nazis in Western Ukraine are in control of the Kiev Government.

    Their words say it all: Cleanse the Country of the Russians Jews and Others and have a clean country.

    Surely now the EU must really take note and see these thugs for what they are.

    They must not be allowed in the EU under the pretext of the New Ukraine.

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