Marek Siwiec MEP on Poland & Europe

Russian will play “Ukrainian game” on multiple fronts simultaneously. Using an old technique – 3 steps forward and half step back – they want to create fait accompli to get their way.

Military area
Not even one shot was fired but Crimea is de facto occupied. Some people, well-armoured, without bars on their uniforms, appeared in a very coordinated way in the most crucial parts of the region. Someone is giving them food, someone is providing communication but noone officially knows who. Besides, there had been an ultimatum announced but apparently the idea was finally abandoned and continental army, although it has done some training, already returned to barracks.

Diplomatic area
It turns out that Russians entered the territory of Crimea at the request of legitimate at that time president of Ukraine – says Russian ambassador to the UN. It does not bother Russia that Yanukovych was then outside the territory of his country. They demand the agreement from 21 February to come into force. It was signed by Klitschko, Yatseniuk, Tiahnybok, Yanukovych, Sikorski and Steinmeier. The thing is, however, that on the document there is no signature of Lukin who represented Russia in Kiev then. At that time the deal was bad, today it is good. The agreement for the mission of international organizations exists and does not exist at the same time, there are phone conversations with world leaders but without any results, etc.

Public diplomacy
In accordance with Russian reasoning, a lie repeated several times might become truth. “Russians are in danger!” – shouts national Russian media at the whole world. It does not bother them to say these words knowing that there has been no Russian speaking victim so far and no act of aggression towards these people has been recorded. None the less, fascists and Bandera’s men are dangerous!

Silence on that issue. There have been no blockades, no special controls and no embargoes for Ukrainian products. So far.

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