Marek Siwiec MEP on Poland & Europe

The coming years or even decades will probably be described as something similar to ‘cold peace’. 18 March 2014 will become a symbolic date of new era. Surrounded by Russian elite, Vladimir Putin signed its foundations. Russia is de facto withdrawing from all agreements which resulted in Euro-Asian order after the fall of Iron Curtain and collapse of the Soviet Union.

Putin has announced today that his country has a mission to consolidate Russian minorities and everyone who is eager to remain under his care. The international law which gives countries the right of self-determination will support him in these actions. Putin referred with gratitude to the aloofness of China and India with regard to this policy. He also appealed to Germany to recall the role of the USSR when they wanted to unite.

The world according to Putin is logical and coherent. There is a place for autonomy, federation, different languages, cultures and religions. There is, however, one condition; everyone has to accept the wish of Kremlin. This vision of the world is in sharp contrast with ours, although they both differ with only one thing- we accept everything apart from the necessity to become subordinate to Kremlin. There is no place in Europe such as anti-Kremlin.

I would like to recommend everyone interested to watch the speech of Putin. Not to read, not to listen but watch.

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