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First own goals

Winners of the revolution in Kiev sometimes behave as if they did not understand how complex and delicate their position is. Those, who wish them well, suffer the most when they see another own goals shot by them. Yesterday’s behaviour of a deputy from Svoboda in a public television was simply obnoxious and stupid.
A group of discontented deputies from Svoboda, led by deputy Miroshnychenko, attacked the director of the national television and as a punishment for broadcasting Putin’s speech forced him to resign. Someone, however, recorded the assault and the whole Russia with half of the world are having a field day now.

The act was offensive since it was done with full insolence of the winners and against the law. It was also stupid because I believe that Ukrainians should listen to Putin carefully in order to better understand who they are dealing with. After all, Polish television also broadcast the speech and it did not even cross anyone’s mind to call for resignation of the director of, let’s say, TVN because of that.

The questions that are being asked also in Brussels corridors concern ideological and political profile of Ukrainian Svoboda. During the revolution in Maidan, the party’s homophobia, antisemitism and sigh for Bandera’s past were tactfully not touched upon. Now doubts are coming . If Svoboda does not modify its ideas, the whole coalition and government of Yatseniuk will have a big problem.

And finally, the third big issue- investigation on the killed at Maidan square. This case is completely in chaos. Recent comment of Estonian minister – saying that snipers in Kiev were firing at both sides of the conflict and it is probable that someone from new coalition was behind it – was eavesdropped and published which caused a lot of confusion. By the way, I would like to know what Estonian’s source of information was. The case of these almost 100 people killed should be subjected to a criminal investigation that would find answers to a few questions. What weapon was used? Where were the shots coming from? And finally, who was shooting?

If new authorities in Kiev decide that “everything will work out itself somehow” they will make a huge mistake.

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